Instrument Rental by Janet Holmes


Instrument Rental rate/ Prices are for 3 months rental period. Insurance and tax included.
Violin, $ 60/ 3 Months, any size
Viola, $ 65/ 3 Months, any size
Cello, $ 95/ 3 Months, any size
These are excellently set up, high quality student-grade instruments
Rental price includes normal maintenance, insurance, and NYS sales tax.
Instrument is supplied with a rental case and rental bow.


** Do not expose the instrument to extremes of temperature or humidity

** Do not leave the instrument in an unattended car. The insurance will not cover any

loss or damage to the instrument as a result of having been left in an unattended car.

** Do not store near a radiator or similar heat source. Best storage is at room     temperature with humidity levels between 40-60%.


For more information, please contact Janet Holmes at 516 374-1969 or email