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  Introductory Program    

Music for Preschoolers ( Age 4)

    Group or Individual


Piano and Cello




Music for Preschoolers is an exciting music program specifically designed to introduce the Piano, Viola, Violin and Cello to preschoolers. The parents or caregivers are required to stay and assist their little musician.

       We are going to teach  “pitch and rhythm” by using a variety of popular folk songs.  Students will learn how to identify “pattern and musical shape” by using colors.  Musical note reading will be introduced in the class.  Finger games will be utilized to help develop motor skills needed to play instruments.  Students will also have the opportunity to create their own arts and craft box violin and cello with common materials.  The box violin and cello creations will be utilized to help train for proper musical posture and movements. On the last day of the session the student will have their first instrumental performance and reception.  Individual Piano, Viola, Violin and Cello lessons will be made available to those who wish to continue their musical journey.



 Individual lessons

30 minutes /$50/

45 minutes /$65

60 minutes /$80

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